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SD230 TriSense System

Dual-probe, non-contacting double shell, missing tab and leak detector for conversion presses.

The SD230 TriSense provides a simple and dependable way to monitor can ends traveling through a conversion press. Using a set of sensors installed at the in feed and discharge of each lane, as well as a light leak detection system immediately following the press, the SD230 detects both double shells, missing tabs, and leak all in one system. The HMI connectivity feature of the SD230 provides operators with diagnostic information and remote setup and operation of the whole system. 

System Products

ET230, LH200, MI230, PS504, SD230, SL100, SQ100


Industrial communications gateway via EthernetIP that allows the TriSense system to communicate with OEM programmed PLC and HMI.

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Light head sensor detecting holes through metal can ends on a conversion press with leak diameters 5 microns and below - outperforming industry standards.

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Preprogrammed HMI for retrofitting presses to allow for industrial communications.

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24V DIN rail power supply with universal 100Vac to 240Vac input.

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Double shell and missing tab detector used to monitor can end traveling through conversion press.

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LED Strobe Lamp specifically designed to replace Xenon Strobe Lamps. This high-speed lamp strobes at rates over 1,100 ends per minute and significantly reduces operating cost by have a life of 6+ years (1.5 Billion ends).

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Electronic sequencing module housed in a plastic enclosure. Used to stagger the enable signals to the LH200 modules, ensuring no two units flash simultaneously.

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Select Your Sensors & Cables

Build the Complete System

Per Lane

1 SD230 Shell/Tab Detector
4 P15 Series Probes
4 CBL101 Series Cables
1 LH200 Light Head Sensor
1 CBL108 Series Cable
1 SL100 LED Strobe Lamp
1 CBL128 Series Cable
1 CBL230-ETH-2 Series Cable
1 PS504 Power Supply
1 AC230-RJ Breakout

Per 4 Lane Press

1 SQ100 Sequencer Module
1 ET230 EthernetIP Gateway (Optional)
1 MI230 HMI Display (Optional)
3 CBL112 Series Cable Interconnect
1 CBL113 Series Cable (For ET230 Option)
1 CBL230 Series HMI Cable (For MI230 Option)
Mounting bracket available if needed.

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