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SD222 Series

Dual-probe, non-contacting double end detection systems for steel or non-ferrous metal ends.

The SD222 System offers double end detection for ends entering a conversion press, on a curler or traveling on the line throughout the plant. The SD222 is dual-channel system, providing protection for two lanes, when paired with four non-contacting sensors. A single channel/one lane version is also available.

Series Controls Options

SD122, SD222

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Single channel/lane double end detector.

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Dual channel/2 lane double end detector.

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1 SD222 Series Control
4 P15 Series Sensors
4 CBL101 Series Cables
Mounting bracket available if needed.
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Single-probe, non-contacting double end detection systems for magnetic conveyors.

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Dual-probe, non-contacting double shell, missing tab and leak detector for conversion presses.

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